What is two stage screw extruder?

Are you familiar with two stage screw extruders? If not, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will delve into what they are, how they work, their applications, and how they differ from regular extruders. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding to make an informed decision when selecting the appropriate machine for your needs.

Introduction of Two Stage Screw Extruder

The two stage extruder, commonly known as the screw extruder, is a device capable of heating and melting plastic powder or granules, then extruding them into shape. It consists of two extruders: in the first one, plastic powder or granules are melted, then conveyed to the second extruder for extrusion molding.

Two Stage Extruder

Two Stage Extruder

The two-stage extruder can produce not only ordinary plastic products but also high-quality products like complex pipes, sheets, rods, and other plastic products.

Operational Principle of Two Stage Screw Extruder

The two stage extruder comprises two independent extrusion units: the pre-extrusion unit and the main extrusion unit. The pre-extrusion unit is primarily responsible for preheating and pre-processing plastic materials. This is achieved by agitating and heating plastic pellets or powder to reach the appropriate extrusion temperature and viscosity.

Subsequently, the pre-processed plastic material enters the main extrusion unit, where it is subjected to heating by the screws and high-speed rotation of the extrusion screws. This process extrudes the material to form the desired profiles or products.

Common Applications of Two Stage Screw Extruder

The two stage extruder finds extensive applications in the field of plastic product manufacturing, serving various purposes:

Building Materials: It is utilized for producing a wide range of profiles, such as door and window frames, bathroom partitions, and flooring. The two stage extruder meets diverse production requirements for different profiles, including special features like UV resistance, weatherability, and anti-pollution properties.

Packaging Materials: It is employed in the production of various plastic packaging boxes, cans, bottles, etc. The two stage extruder allows for flexible adjustments in the extrusion process to accommodate different sizes and specifications of packaging materials as per product shapes and dimensions.

Two Stage Single Screw Extruder

Two Stage Single Screw Extruder

Automotive Components: Used for manufacturing various automotive interior, exterior, and sealing components. The efficient extrusion capabilities and versatility of the two stage extruder cater to the diverse requirements of the automotive industry concerning product quality, appearance, and performance.

Electrical and Electronic Appliances: Employed in the production of cable conduits, wire ducts, wire terminals, etc. The two stage extruder facilitates uniform melting and plasticization of plastic granules, thereby enhancing the insulation performance and durability of electrical and electronic products.

Contrasting Two Stage Extruders with Regular Extruders

Processing Efficiency: Two stage extruders generally offer higher processing rates and better mixing performance due to the specialized design of each stage.

Versatility: While single-stage extruders are suitable for a wide range of applications, two stage screw extruders excel in tasks that require precise control over material properties and complex formulations.

Cost Consideration: Two stage extruders may involve higher initial investment costs compared to single-stage extruders. However, their efficiency and quality output often justify the investment in the long run.

When deciding between a regular extruder and a two stage extruder, consider your specific processing requirements. If you prioritize efficiency, precise mixing, and superior output quality, a two stage extruder might be the ideal choice. However, if your applications are less demanding and cost-effectiveness is paramount, a single-stage extruder may suffice.


With its efficient operational principles, versatility, and wide-ranging applications, the two stage screw extruder has become an indispensable equipment in the plastic product manufacturing industry. In future developments, continuous technological updates and innovations in two stage extruder will be pursued to meet ever-growing production demands.

Kairong Group

Kairong Group

Understanding the differences and applications of two stage screw extruders empowers you to make informed decisions when selecting equipment for your manufacturing processes. For top-notch performance and reliable results, trust Kairong, a leading manufacturer of high-quality two stage screw extruders.



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