Filler Masterbatch

If you need produce PP or PE filler with Caco3,Talc,Cao etc(>70%). Our TSE series will be your best choice, Every year we sell more than 50 lines to customers in this field.

Color Masterbatch

Mono color masterbatch, Tailor-Made masterbatch, Customized masterbatch.

Recycled Materials

If you need recycle PET flakes (clean) , we can process all these recycled materials into granules and won't change the materials raw function。Kairong Twin Screw Extruder Pelletizing Line Can Keep Good IV(over 95%) and Good Color For End Pellet

Engineering Plastic

Engineering Plastic Compounding is the main application for twin screw extruder. It is widely used in Automotive, Electrical, Blow Moulding, Film & Pipe Extrusion, Fiber and Other Industrial.

PVC Compounding

Our Tandem Compounder is specially designed for PVC compounding. Our have delivered more than 105 sets of high performance machines for PVC Compounding.

Carbon Black MB

The resin and carbon black are first mixed by a kneader, and then subjected to compounding, dispersion and extrusion by twin screw extruder, and granulated by water ring hot cutting system.

Pet Food

Pet food Production line is popular sold all over the world. Kairong's extruder can Provide adequate mixing. to make quality chew Dog food or cat food with different size .

Melt Blown Line

Kairong melt blown fabric production line, is developed to ensure that the melt blown fabric produced can withstand the quality inspection of government departments and finally produce qualified protective articles.

Biodegradable Plastic

Compound the Degradable Additive Masterbatch with any plastic such as PE/PET/PP etc. It speeds up the molecular and chemical degradation of plastic, thus helping to solve the massive accumulation of plastic waste.