Our company has many sophisticated technicals in producing pet food extruders with high-quality equipment and stable raw material suppliers, so we can provide excellent pet food for every consumer. Based on the superb produced pet food, the outstanding machine is an essential and important part of the production processes.

The machines are designed by using the “toy bricks” principle, the screw configuration, barrel setup, L/D or mode of feeding and venting, screen changing, way of granulating, and the control mode can be optimally adjusted according to different material properties and requirements in consideration of the versatility in each general applications.

Two types of pelletizing methods for your choice.


1. Dog Feed extruder diehead.

2. Dog food extruder with side feeder.


The benefits of Pet Food Extruder :

It is a widespread and established technique in using pet food extrusion equipment in the pet supplies industry. There are some benefits of the production process below.

  1. Fast-speed. The pet food extruder can run consistently with high-quality products and strict production deadlines. Our extruders are designed for fast, easy changeover and cleaning between runs.
  2. Flexible. The pet food extruder is highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of input materials. At the same time, the extruder can be extruded in various shapes, textures, and colors in different forms for final molding.
  3. Consistent. The pet food extruder and cutting produces can produce a very homogeneous end product with constant cross-section and dimensions.
  4. Efficient. The pet food extrusion process is cost-friendly, especially once conditions have been optimized. Precise process control and automation reduce raw material waste and increase production efficiency.



Customer Code:332 Country:Russia Capacity:180-250 kg/h Pelletizing system:Air cooling strand pelletizing line Extruder:TSE-65 Material:Pet food

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