Collection and sorting are generally done manually

There are various types of waste plastics collected, with dust, sand, oil stains, etc. attached to the surface. These impurities seriously affect the quality of recycled plastics. Generally, these impurities are removed by increasing the frequency of crushing and cleaning, so as to improve the quality of recycled products

Belt conveyor helps to feeding the material.

Then extruded through an extruder, and finally the molten plastic is cut into uniform particles of appropriate size. 

Wet granulation is a commonly used recycling granulation method, which has a simple process, low cost and a wide range of products.

Three extruders are recommended for different materials:

Single screw extruder

· Widely used for PP/PE film
· Cost effective
· Easy to operation

Two stage single screw extruder

· The raw material can be dirty
· Second stage for better cooling
· Higher output

Twin screw extruder

· For PET/ABS/TPU recycle
· Roots vacuum pump
· Special design diehead

Plastic crusher

Model Type Crushing dimension Power Knife: (flat type) Knife: (claw type) Machine Size(MM) Weight Output (kg/h)
20HP JYSC-1520 510*350MM 15KW 6PCS/2PCS 1700*1350*1760 1100KG 300
20HP JYSC-1521 510*350MM 15KW 21PCS/2PCS 1700*1350*1760 1100KG 300
40HP JYSC-3050 710*480MM 30KW 6PCS/2PCS 2000*1600*2500 2800KG 400
40HP JYSC-3051 710*480MM 30KW 18PCS/2PCS 2000*1600*2500 2800KG 400

Roots vacuum pump, also known as mechanical booster pump, is a rotary positive displacement vacuum pump.

Product Features:

  • High speed, high volumetric efficiency;
  • Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance; Fast start-up;
  • Low noise, stable operation;
  • Significant energy-saving effect and low fuel consumption.

Hydraulic automatic screenless filter is specially designed for the recycled plastic granulation industry, with the characteristics of automatic impurity removal, no filter, environmental protection and power saving, enhanced plasticization, no loss, and simple control.

The equipment is equipped with high-precision super wear-resistant alloy unidirectional filter plate hole, when working, the melt plastic passes through the fine hole, impurities and dirt remain on the inner wall of the filter hole plate, and the impurities are automatically removed by the impurity removal scraper regularly, and pushed to the impurity storage cavity through the impurity removal device.

It greatly improves the efficiency of the recycled plastic extruder and saves costs.

Recycled plastics have broad prospects, and many plastics can be granulated in production and life, such as waste food bags, water bottles, agricultural films, tubes, and various waste plastic products can be reprocessed to produce plastic raw materials, and then through special processes and formulas, used in the manufacture of machine parts, water pipes, agricultural machinery, packaging bags, cement bags; Can replace some wood products; It can be used to manufacture all kinds of plastic bags, barrels, basins and other plastic products and living utensils.

customer case

· Customer code:29
· Country:Russia
· Capacity:200 kg/h
· Pelletizing system:water ring pelletizing line
· Extruder:SJ-140/120 two stage single screw extruder
· Application:PP/PE film recycling machine

· Customer Code:4004
· Country:Nigeria
· Capacity:200kg/h
· Pelletizing System:water cooling strand pelletizing line
· Extruder:HMS 120-100
· Material:waste PP/PE plastic

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