This system incorporates a single stage extruder. It is suitable for certain recipes, such as PP base filler degradable and WPC, because its highly tenacious trait prevents it to be cut by the air-cooling die face pelletizer. The other merit of this system is that it prevents the materials from encountering water.

This system includes die heads, air cooling belt conveyor, strand pelletizer and vibrating classifier.

This system incorporates with tandem compounder. It is suitable for certain recipes, such as PVC, LLDPE, high filling masterbatch, degradable masterbatch, HFFR, WPC etc. Which has ring type and centrifuge type as per the property of the raw materials. The merit of this system is that lets the material avoid contacting with water which is critical for certain materials.
This system includes die head, air cooling pelletizer, air cooling conveyor and vibrating classifier.

1.Metering Feeder  2.Extruder  3.Granulator  4.Cyclone Srparator  5.Vibration 


Enforcing modification:  PE, EVA etc+ CaCo3, Talc, TiO2, Carbon black

Degradable masterbatch: PE, PS, etc.+ starch, addictive etc.

Anti-flame master batch: PE, EVA etc.+ Sb2O3 etc. 



Customer Code:2403 Country:Italy Capacity:250 kg/h Pelletizing system:air cooling strand pelletizing line Extruder:TSE-75 Material:PBAT+PLA+other biodegradable material

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