Comparative advantages of plastic twin-screw extruders and single-screw extruders

The specific structure of plastic twin-screw extruders is based on the actual twin-screw extruders, and specially designed twin-screw extruders can be divided into meshing types and non-meshing types according to the relative positions of the two screws. Plastic twin-screw extruders can arrange and combine thread elements and barrel elements of various geometric shapes.

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Based on experience-theory-practice-test, the design can be optimized for different mixing requirements to adapt to the needs of different process formulas, making the co-rotating twin-screw extruder highly adaptable. Compared with single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders have the following advantages:

(1) Mixing performance:

Since the two screws mesh with each other, and various threaded elements can be added as needed, such as counter-threaded elements, meshing elements, etc., to precisely adjust shearing/mixing, thereby, the mixing intensity and mixing quality (whether it is distribution mixing or dispersion mixing) can be effectively controlled. This is beyond the reach of single-screw extruders.

(2) Processing flexibility:

Co-rotating twin-screw extruders usually use metered feeding. The output depends on the amount of feed. It is an independently controllable variable independent of the screw speed, so it can flexibly handle multiple processing functions on one machine, such as melting, mixing, exhaust, reaction, etc.

(3) Controllability of process parameters:

The co-rotating twin-screw extruder has a narrow residence time distribution, better convective heat transfer and a precisely controlled temperature curve. It can obtain better shear-time-temperature history during extrusion and input mechanical energy in a wider range, thereby obtaining better product quality stability.

(4) Efficiency of process production:

The positive displacement conveying effect of the screw can handle more diverse raw materials and mixing formulas, and the downtime is short.

(5) Higher economy:

Due to high process flexibility and productivity, a wider range of end products can be produced, and highly consistent product quality can be provided. Screw wear can also be compensated for by adjusting screw speed.



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