1.Metering Feeder  2.Extruder  3.Pelletizer  4.CycloneE  5.Vibrating Screen


Enforcing modification: PE, EVA etc. + Caco3, Talc, Tio2, Carbon black.

Degradable masterbatch: PE, PS etc. + starch, additive etc.

Anti-flame masterbatch: PE, EVA etc. + Sb2O3, Mg(OH)2, Al2(OH)3 etc.

It can also equipped with two stage extruder, which combine the high speed and extensive mixing of processing and the low speed, low temperature, and low shear of single screw processing; Ideal for compounding of heat-and shear-sensitive material, such as PVC compounds for cable, shoe sole, transparent container, and medical applications EVA shield cable compounds, carbon black masterbatch of PE, EVA, etc. 



Customer Code:0173Country:EgyptCapacity:600 kg/hPelletizing system:air cooling hot cutting systemExtruder:TSE-75BMaterial:PE filler masterbatch

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