In water strand pelletizing line, the molten polymer comes out of the mold through multiple holes, each forming a bundle of polymer. The strands enter the water tank, where they are cooled, then dried with a water shaker or air knife, and finally fed into a strand pelletizer, where they are cut into cylindrical pellets. The particles fall into the vibrating sieve, which removes the oversized particles or agglomerates and transports the remaining particles downstream.

In addition to being the lowest cost, strand pelletizing can be used with a wide range of polymers, making it easier to use than other pelletizing systems and making it easier to access the surface of the component for cleaning and color change.

The automation range of the strand pelletizer is small and more labor-intensive than other pelletizing systems. In addition, the need for water cooling means that the strand pelletizer has a larger footprint on the factory floor.

This system is suitable for plastic recycling which needs to change the filter frequently. The strands go into the pelletizer automatically by the water flow, even the strands break during changing the filter. So there will be almost no waste during the manufacturing process. This system consists of strand die, water bath, strand pelletizer, centrifugal dewater and vibrating classifier.

It is suitable for most polymer compounding production, which features simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The threshold of operators is also low. This system consists of strand die, water batch, air knife, strand pelletizer and vibrating classifier.

1.High speed Mixer  2.Loader  3.Main Feeder  4.Side Feeder  5.Long Glass Fiber 6.Twin screw extruder  7.Water Tank  8. Air Knife  9. Pelletizer  10.Silo


  • Fiber Reinforcement: glass fiber, carbon fiber reinforced PP, PA, PBT, ABS, AS, PC, POM, PPS, PET, etc.
  • Polymer Blending: blending of PC/ABS, PA/ABS,CPE/ABS, PP/EPDM, PA/EPDM, PP/SBS, etc.
  • Incorporation of Fillers:  CaCo3, Talc,TiO2 carbon black filled of PE,PP,or EVA etc.
  • Carbon Compounds: cable sheath, cable insulation compounds of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE; radiation-crosslinkable compounds, optical fiber protection compounds, heat-shrinkable polymer compounds
  • Special Compounds: PPR pipe compounds, PE compounds for crosslinked pipes, tobacco filter compounds, etc
  • Masterbatch for Degradable Polymers: PP, PE, PS, etc. blended with high concentration of starch and other processing aids. 


Two different dewatering devices

Water tank
Water shaker
Air knife
Strand pelletizer
Vibrating sieve



Customer code:108      Country:Uk Capacity:250-400 kg/h Pelletizing system:water cooling strand pelletizing Extruder:TSH-52D (40) Material:Masterbatch

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