PVC granulator
Conical co-rotating twin-screw PVC granulator (screw length diameter ratio of 48:1), with ultra-high output (10-20 tons/day), ultra-low energy consumption (1 ton of finished product only consumes 75 degrees of electricity), good mixing and plasticizing (with the largest screw length diameter ratio in China), adding a high proportion of calcium carbonate (up to 400 parts), reproducing with 100% recycled materials, sufficient exhaust, high head pressure and so on Soft PVC, hard PVC, transparent PVC, foaming PVC, CPVC and other materials granulation the best choice!

The PVC Conical Twin Screw Extruder series is suitable for one-two or one-four small diameter pipe extrusion, for multi-layer pipes with foam core layer, and also for large diameter pipes with direct DN 1600. Our twin-screw extruders stand out for their high flexibility and energy efficiency. More than seventy years of experience in twin-screw extrusion engineering has established the status of optimal processing and high output. Every type of pipe application, from innovative single and multi-layer PVC pipe, die heads, downstream equipment, and complete extrusion lines, can be found in our portfolio.


  1. Drinking water supply network. PVC pipes are used throughout the drinking water supply network. Pipe sizes up to 1600 DN connect water sources to water treatment plants and potable water reservoirs or serve as the main conveyance pipe within the water supply network. Smaller diameter pipe connects the water supply mains to the domestic water supply lines that carry drinking water to the final consumer.
  1. Cable sleeving. PVC tubing is also used to protect power cables, data transmission, control systems, and telecommunication cables from external shocks. The most commonly used pipe materials are PO, PP, and PVC. PPO or ABS/PC blends are also used in small quantities for halogen-free installations in buildings. In the automotive industry, corrugated cable sleeving made of polyamide is also used. Cable sleeving can be smooth-walled tubing or corrugated tubing, where the focus is on a combination of extremely high tubing stiffness and very low tubing weight. As a result, a wide range of tube wall constructions and sizes are available to suit the requirements of a wide variety of applications.
  1. Sewage drainage pipe. In the past, sewer systems used cast iron or cement pipe. Nowadays, pressurized and non-pressurized solid wall pipes, corrugated pipes, or multi-layer plastic pipes are used. For public sewerage systems (DN 200-800 and above), the main raw materials are PE, PP, or PVC, which are not only extremely cost-effective but also have a service life of at least 50 years. Due to its excellent material properties, such as stiffness, PVC is particularly suitable as a material for the production of sewage pipes.


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