Counter-rotating twin-screw extruders are widely used in extrusion molding and batch granulation.
Tightly meshing counter-rotating twin-screw extruder for PVC profile extrusion
The shear rate is limited to [γ] = 6 to 8S-1. The maximum linear speed of the screw
V=7~8m/min for the maximum linear speed of the screw when it is extruded from PVC pipe
V = 10 to 12 m/min. Therefore, it is often operated at a lower speed.
Meshing co-rotating twin-screw extruder, widely used in polymers
Modification: blending, filling and fiber reinforcement, compounding or mixing. also may
Used for extrusion of shaped articles, but rarely used to process profile products.
The allowable shear rate is around [γ] = 60 to 140 S-1.
The screw line speed V=30~50m/min,
The maximum V = 160m / min.
High-speed meshing co-rotating twin-screw extruders are commonly used for materials
The compounding and extrusion and venting operations as a continuous chemical reaction.
This type of squeeze
The speed of the output is in the range of 300 to 600 r/min.

Counter-rotating twin-screw extruders are used for a variety of plastic products and processes. … intermeshing and non-intermeshing designs, melt the polymer early and are designed as mass-transfer devices, with the primary applications being mixing, devolatilization, and reactive extrusion (HSEI).

Kairong has affluent experiences and hold unique and rich practices in reaction and devolatilization extrusion. The extraordinary working principles of counter rotating twin screw extruder occupy a particular niche in the extrusion process. We have developed some special screw elements and barrels to fulfill the individual processing task.

Due to its unique working principle, the relative line speed is low, so that the material can be processed under very low shear force and fast exchange rate of material turn over. The increased material surface area associates with the vacuum system, resulting in a more ideal devolatilization performance.

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