Laboratory extruder 101

Capabilities of laboratory extruders

Laboratory extruder is a kind of mechanical equipment used in laboratory research, which can realize various functions such as extrusion, stretching, compression, stretch-compression, etc., and is used to test the strength, ductility, elasticity and other properties of materials. It can simulate the forces experienced by materials in practical applications, helping researchers better understand the physical properties of materials. In addition, it can test materials for properties such as adhesion, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

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Laboratory Extruder

The structure of the laboratory extruder

The laboratory extruder is composed of motor, reducer, extruder main body, extruder frame, extruder mold, lubrication system and other parts.

Motor: The motor is a mechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and is the power source of the extruder.

Reducer: The reducer is to reduce the motor speed to the speed required by the extruder to meet the working requirements of the extruder.

Extruder main body: The extruder main body is the core component of the extruder, including the extruder head, extruder barrel, extruder screw, extruder template and other components.

Extruder frame: The extruder frame is the supporting structure of the extruder, which is used to fix the various parts of the extruder to ensure the stability and safety of the extruder.

Extruder die: The extruder die is an important part of the extruder, which is used to make the products required by the extruder.

Lubrication system: The lubrication system is an important part of the extruder, which is used to provide lubricating oil to each part of the extruder to prolong the service life of the extruder.

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Laboratory Extruder

Control system for laboratory extruders

The control system for laboratory extruders is an automated system for controlling laboratory extruders. It consists of a group of electronic controllers that can control the operating parameters of the machine, such as extrusion pressure, temperature, rotation speed, etc. It can realize automatic control to make the extrusion process more efficient and precise. In addition, it can also record the parameters of the extrusion process for subsequent experimental analysis.

The control system of the laboratory extruder usually consists of a controller and a sensor. The controller can control the operating state of the extruder, and the sensor can detect the operating parameters of the extruder so that the controller can adjust the extruder according to the actual situation’s operating parameters. In addition, the control system of the laboratory extruder can also realize automatic control, and can automatically adjust the operating parameters of the extruder according to the actual situation of the laboratory to ensure the stability of the laboratory extruder.

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Laboratory Extruder

Laboratory Extruder Safety

The safety of laboratory extruders is very important, and some measures should be taken to ensure safety. First of all, the safety protection devices of the machine should be checked, including safety switches, safety covers, protective covers, safety handles, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the machine. Secondly, the machine should be maintained and maintained regularly to prevent the machine from malfunctioning. Finally, it should be ensured that the personnel in the laboratory wear safety clothing and follow the safety regulations of the laboratory when using the machine.

Applications of laboratory extruders

Laboratory extruder is a kind of extrusion equipment used in laboratory research, mainly used in the research fields of fluid physics, rheology, heat and so on in laboratory research. It can extrude various fluids, such as liquid, suspension, paste, powder, etc., as well as various complex fluid systems, such as multiphase flow, mixed flow, etc. It can measure fluid flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and other parameters, as well as fluid rheology, thermal properties and other performance parameters. Laboratory extruders can also be used to prepare various fluid samples, such as liquids, suspensions, pastes, powders, etc., as well as various complex fluid systems, such as multiphase flow, mixed flow, etc.

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