What are the advantages of underwater pelletizing system?

The underwater pelletizer system cools the material before cutting it. Compared with hot cutting, it is safer and more convenient, and the output is also higher.

underwater pelletizing system

Underwater Pelletizing System

Underwater pelletizing system is widely used in PE\PP\PS\TPR\TPE\TPV\PET\PVC\EVA\ABS\calcium carbonate masterbatch, carbon black masterbatch, etc. The host is designed using the building block principle. Its screw configuration, barrel structure, aspect ratio, number of feeding and exhaust positions, screen changing and granulating methods, electrical instrument automatic control mode, etc. can all be adjusted and optimized according to the material system and process requirements. It achieves the unified consideration of extensive multi-function, multi-purpose versatility and specialization to adapt to specific requirements.

1. Underwater Pelletizer System can process almost all polymers;

2. The flexible clamping design of the granulator head and cutter head allows the cutter head to be replaced within 2-3 minutes, with high production efficiency and good stability;

3. Super-hard die and blade materials and innovative processing technology ensure continuous production within one year without replacing the die blade;

4. The innovative die heating design effectively avoids the solidification of dead holes in the template material and saves more power;

5. The blade is precisely fitted to the mold, and there is no “tail” phenomenon in the particles.



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