Twin Screw Extruder Maintenance

Flushing the water-cooling pipe with acid

The barrel of the twin screw extruder is actually a heat exchanger, so like all heat exchangers, scale formation in the water-cooling pipe will affect the cooling performance. Many operators have noticed that a new extruder performs much better cooling performance than an extruder that is used for three to four years. After years of use, scale is accumulated to form a layer adhering to the inner surface of the pipe, affecting the heat transfer efficiency. To maintain great heat transfer efficiency, you’d better clean the barrel regularly with a certain concentration of acid.

Use synthetic gear oil

The gearbox is the “heart” of the twin-screw extruder. Synthetic gear oils can better protect the gears.

More slippery, resulting in less friction;

Making gears, bearings and seals more durable;

Reducing the temperature and sound generated when operating;

Not losing viscosity due to machine shear;

Maintaining a high viscosity at high temperatures.

Clean the twin screw extruder regularly

The main purpose of the cleaning is to remove the residues. Cleaning materials are often divided into two categories: chemical cleaning agents and mechanical friction cleaning agents. Many cleaning agents have both chemical and frictional functions. Chemical cleaning agents react with the plastic residue to release it from the surface.



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