Loss-in-weight Feeding System – weighing equipment with intermittent feeding and continuous discharg

Loss in weight feeder industrial applications

Loss-in-weight feeders are used to continuously measure the volume and weight of bulk solid feed materials, such as powders, granules, liquids, flakes and fibers. Haisi Extrusion supply loss-in-weight feeding equipment specially designed for screw extruders.

Working principle of loss in weight feeder

When materials are fed through the feeder, the weight of the system decreases. The feed rate can be varied by controlling the weight loss scale so that the weight loss rate matches the desired feed rate. Loss-in-weight feeder can control devices to continuously check whether the material is flowing.

All components are continuously weighed during operation: feeders, hoppers and materials.

Features of loss-in-weight feeder

·Powdered solid feeding system capable of measuring volume and weight

·Flexible and easy disassembly when cleaning and replacing products

·Integration of measurement, control and monitoring

·Higher feeding accuracy, better than ±0.5%

Technical indicators of loss-in-weight feeder

·Material temperature: vinyl -12℃~80℃, polyurethane -30℃~90℃

·Ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

·Design pressure: -5~95mbr

·Working pressure: -0.5~20mbr

·Feeding flow rate: 5~9500dm3/h

Nanjing Kairong Group supply various feeding systems for extrusion line. 



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