How to find the best China twin screw extruder manufacturer?

The twin screw extruder is developed on the basis of the single screw extruder. Due to its good performance and stability, it has been widely used now. The twin screw extruder can process different materials into pellets, and it has good development prospects both now and in the future.

There are many excellent twin-screw extruder manufacturers in China, here will introduce how to choose a reliable twin-screw extruder manufacturer in China.

Where can you find the manufacturer?

Professional twin screw extruder manufacturer

A professional extruder manufacturer has rich production experience and advanced production technology. First of all, make sure that you are choosing a real manufacturer.

A mature and reliable manufacturer will save you a lot of costs, not only money but also time. Professional manufacturers have complete production processes and transportation methods, and they will deliver the products you need to you on time.


So when you choose a manufacturer, you can search for twin screw manufacturers through Google, you can enter your needs in as much detail as possible, and Google will bring the most matching results to you.

Google will push you a lot of manufacturers. At this time, you need to choose these manufacturers based on your own needs and experience and delete those manufacturers that do not meet the requirements from your list.


CHINAPLAS is a relatively well-known exhibition in China’s plastics and rubber industry. Here you can not only see industry-leading technologies and enterprises, but also find more manufacturers and have face-to-face exchanges with these manufacturers.

At the same time, you can also see many product samples on site, which will help you choose the extruder you need. Face-to-face communication is really important, and sometimes the transaction is done in the middle of the communication.


E-commerce sites will also give you a variety of options, but the variety means that there is a mix of good and bad, and it takes time and effort to choose a reliable manufacturer.

Factory near you

You can also go directly to a reliable manufacturer by finding a nearby factory, but because of the need to visit the site, this can consume a lot of your time and energy, and the variety you can choose will be limited.

How to choose twin screw extruder manufacturer?

Find your needs

As far as twin screw extruders are concerned, there are many different types, which means they are used in a variety of different industries and fields. Please familiarize yourself with the type and purpose of the extruder you need before purchasing.

Maybe you may have a lot of questions about this point, don’t worry, our professionals have summarized it for you, you can read this article to choose the type of extruder that suits you:


Once you have found the extruder you need, you can move on to the next step. Remember, a reliable manufacturer will help you with a lot of trouble, if you have any other questions in the process, you can contact us directly, we will be happy to help you.

Verify manufacturer

If you don’t do your homework, randomly choosing a manufacturer to make your product can be a very long and costly process. It is important to choose the right manufacturer to produce quality products.

To make this process less painful, here are a few things you should consider when choosing a manufacturer:

  • What companies are they currently producing for?

You always want to choose a manufacturer that is well known in the industry or one that provides reliable products to other companies. If you can see what they offer others, you know their products and equipment are approved.

Manufacturers that are unanimously recognized and selected by everyone must be reliable.

  • Their production scale and operating hours

The factory has complete equipment and enough staff to ensure the production scale. The longer they have been in the manufacturing industry, the more experience they have to help you produce better quality products.

  • Their quality inspection

Quality assurance is the most important step in the manufacturing process. Whether the manufacturer’s products are reliable or not, you need to contact them in advance to get samples for inspection.

  • Other service

Customized service and a professional after-sales team are also very important parts. When you need more service and assistance, inexperienced manufacturers are often unable to meet all your needs, so when choosing a manufacturer, be sure to pay attention to their after-sales service and customized services.

Contact the manufacturer

When you’ve done the above work and have selected the manufacturer you need, it’s time to contact them for quotes and samples for your needs. Communication is a very important way. Only in communication can you learn more about the manufacturer and let the manufacturer meet your needs.

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