Single-shaft Shredder


The single-shaft shredder, also known as the shear shredder, achieves the effect of shearing and tearing by rotating the axes of the moving knife and the fixed knife in the opposite direction. Reduce the size of the material, widely used in the crushing of waste plastics, waste rubber, tires, wood, scraps, film, woven bags and bulk waste.


Advantages of the plastic shredder
1. Heavy moving knife, high crushing efficiency, moving knife fixed knife are made of wear-resistant alloy steel, high hardness, strong and durable, long service life.
2. The frame is made of thickened plate, which has high strength, can resist high torque and high torque
3. Easy to maintain, economical and durable
4. PLC control, system overload protection, motor can be automatically flipped


Capacity 500-2000kg/h
Motor 22/37/55
Knife diameter 280/320/560
Push Material By Hydraulic Station;
Rotation Shaft Shaft Integral One
Rotation of Bearing 80RPM
Material of Blades SKD-11
Bearing NSK Japan