Screw Element

Screw elements and screw shaft are the wearing parts in plastic extruder machine. Our screw shaft is made of high quality tool steel and after quenching. It has longer life, and better for the main extruder machine.

Screw shaft is one of the most important elements that ensures well running of extruder machine. Our shaft is made of high tool steel, owns good toughness and mechanical properties even under high speed, high torque and high pressure. Take strict control in the process of precision, to ensure the shaft standard, smooth, tough and durable.

Model  Screw Diameter (mm) L/D
TSE-20 22 32-44
TSE-30 31 40-44
TSE-35 35.6 36-52
 TSE-40  41 36-48
TSE-50 50.5 28-48
TSE-52 51.5 36-56
TSE-65 62.4 36-56
TSE-75 71 36-64
TSE-95 93 36-44