Plastic Crusher

Application & Features:

Adopting deafener low in noise;
Adopting removable bits which can be separately removed and sharpened after getting blunt.
Suitable for smashing all kinds of soft, hard and formed plastics.
The steel case, the cast steel knife carriage and the alloy knife with the ability of avoiding crashing.
Stage cutting knife, increasing the crack capacity and the efficiency.
Movable sieve, convenient to be assembled and disassembled, easy to cleaned and color-changed.
The feeding hopper fitted with sound insulation, improving the operation conditions.
The feeding hopper with protect switch, safe to the operator.
Special made super powerful cracker, especially for cracking super thick stuff.

Parameter Table

Specification PC230 PC300 PC400 PC500 PC600 PC800
Rotary knife diameter 200 240 250 300 400 410
Rotary knife number 6PCS 9PCS 12PCS 15PCS 18PCS 24PCS
Rotary knife speed 500r/min 500r/min 500r/min 500r/min 500r/min 500r/min
Fixed knife number 2PCS 2PCS 2PCS 2PCS 4PCS 4PCS
Crushing capacity 80-150 150-250 250-450 300-500 400-600 600-800
Diameter of sieve hole Φ8mm Φ10mm Φ10mm Φ10mm Φ10mm Φ10mm
Diameter of intake 210*230 250*300 260*400 320*500 400*600 428*800
Power 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 18.5kw 22kw
Weight 350kg 480kg 650kg 850kg 1200kg 1350kg