Horizontal Mixer

Horizontal mixer is designed specially for mixing powder, granules, flakes, paste, and so on. The inner wall material is stainless steel, with features of soomth, easy to clean, acid and alkali resistance, stand wear and tear!

Main application: Part of chemical material, plastic and rubber material, powder and powder material, such as PVC, TPE, TPR, EVA and others.

Model Power(kw) Power(HP) Capacity Voltage Dimension Rotating speed Net weight
HY-300 5.5 7.7 300kg 380 3 197*91*134cm 23r/min 730kg
HY-500 7.5 10 500kg 380 3 214*109*160cm 23r/min 1000kg
HY-1000 15 20 1000kg 380 3 273*133*205cm 15r/min 1500kg
HY-2000 15 20 2000kg 380 3 340*140*240cm 15r/min 2200kg
HY-3000 18 24 3000kg 380 3 420*190*255cm 12r/min 3500kg

You can set on the electronic control box according to the thermometer temperature you need. When you do not need heating you can turn off the heating switch, and in the meantime it can also play the role of stirring and homogenizating.