Gantry Pelletizer

Main Characteristics
Scientific design, stable operation, low noise
Convenient and easy operation, maintenance, cleaning
High-endurance knife for longer continuous work
Safety operation with safety control switch
Smooth and even pellet cutting
Excellent anti-rust treatment for longer life of the machine
Can add noise-proof cover to lower noise
High accuracy, can cut soft materials
Final granules size: Φ3*3mm
Speed-adjusting way: Electromagnetic slip or frequency converter

Model Motor power Strand no. Max. Towing speed Max. Output Rotate knife Dia.*L Blade no. Rubber roller Dia.*L Dimension
LQ-60 1.1/1.5/2.2 ≤8 72m/min ≤60 Φ120*96 14 Φ90*70 600*500*1300
LQ-300 3-4 ≤18 96m/min ≤300 Φ160*150 24 Φ120*150 950*850*1600
LQ-500 5.5-7.5 ≤30 96m/min ≤600 Φ200*200 32 Φ120*200 1000*950*1700
LQ-900 11-15 ≤40 96m/min ≤1000 Φ200*300 32 Φ100*300 1100*1000*1800
LQ-2000 22-30 ≤60 96m/min ≤2000 Φ200*600 32 Φ120*160 1200*1180*1860