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what is color masterbatch granulating machine

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Product Features The color masterbatch granulation machine screw is designed and manufactured by building block type principle. According to the processing material system and process formula, the length-diameter ratio, the barrel structure, the screw arrangement, the net-changing structure, the quantity and position of the exhaust gas, the feeding mode and the electric control mode, etc. can be optimized and rationally configured. 

Realize multi-function, multi-purpose to adapt to the processing of polymer materials make full use of the limited space to design the most new type of involute spline structure mandrel, to ensure maximum load capacity, high torque transmission, the use of computer-aided design of threaded components for the meshing conjugate type. With excellent self-cleaning function, good interchangeability, its specifications have conveyor block, mixing block, kneading block, countercurrent block and tooth shape plate, etc., through appropriate reasonable combination, to achieve material delivery.

Plasticizing, shearing, dispersing, homogenization, exhaust, pressure, etc., to achieve the process of polymer material processing.

Color Masterbatch production Process

1, weighing: toner, carrier, lubricants, dispersants and other additives according to the process requirements of the weight, precision higher the better.

2, stirring: will be called good components according to the process requirements of the order into the GAO mixing machine

3, Extruder: According to the color Masterbatch carrier temperature set Well, heat preservation to a certain time before the boot, from slow to fast speed.

4, Pull: Die out of the material at the same speed with the material bar to move the direction of the cutter, halfway through the blow dryer or suction dryer.

5, Chellah: material to arrive at the cutting machine feeding mouth, slowly improve the speed of the granulator.

6, Packaging: According to the company's requirements packaging

7, the following adjustment: The full set of equipment are normal operation for a period of time, in turn to adjust the speed to normal production speed

Color masterbatch granulation Machine processing equipment arrangement: high mixing machine----spiral automatic feeding machine------twin-screw granulator-------Cooling water tank-------blow dryer-------Cut grain

Suitable use range Applicable to: Masterbatch, pp modified granulation, PE modified granulation, ABS granulation, PA66/PA6 granulation, cable material granulation, silane crosslinked cable material granulation, filler masterbatch granulation, plastic dyeing granulation, plastic recycling granulation, Engineering Plastics granulation, functional masterbatch granulation, plastic toughening granulation, special plastic granulation, School Polymer Experiment.

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