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twin screw extruder operation

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1. Driving operation

1.1 preheating Heating: The total power switch and the various segments of the electric heater power switch close, according to the process of heating area (120 degrees or so) to set parameters, began to heat.

1.2 Each period of heating temperature reaches the set value, continue to thermostat for 30-45 minutes, (because from the barrel body temperature to the screw needs a process, so, or take a longer time) at the same time to further test the temperature control instrument and solenoid valve work accuracy. 

1.3 With the hand disc dynamic coupling to determine normal, twin screw mandrel and transmission box link metal sleeve to check whether the transmission box has been sliding direction (if it is too much, it is likely in high torque conditions, damage the core of the root of the meshing end, generally for some domestic twin-screw manufacturers can be ready to start the main motor, closed power switch, auxiliary power switch and Start button, the host speed set, gradually increase the main screw speed, idling speed is not higher than 40r/min, time not more than two minutes.

1.4 The host idling without exception, can press the Feed Machine Start button, adjust the feeding speed set, to minimize the speed to start feeding. When the nose has material discharged, then slowly increase the speed of feeding screw and main screw speed, so that the feeding machine and the host rotation speed match, adjust the host current instructions, keep the host current not exceeding the rated current, while attention to the operation of the unit, if there is abnormal, should be promptly stopped processing.

1.5 In order to avoid high shear mixing of materials overheating, each segment of the barrel with a soft water circulating cooling system. The cylinder body adopts solenoid valve and temperature control instrument. Start-up phase, the cooling system does not need to open, operation, the observation of the host temperature rises, depending on the situation to determine the use of cooling system. After the water quantity is determined, it is generally not necessary to regulate in normal operation. Cooling water valve adjustment is not too large, too large, it is possible to cool too much, warming up and time-consuming.

65B上下换网带侧喂料支架 (7).jpg 

2. Inspection in operation

2.1 The current of the main motor is stable, if the fluctuation is larger or rapidly rising, the feeding quantity should be reduced temporarily, and the main current is stabilized and gradually increased. Speed regulation should be carried out smoothly. The screw is within the prescribed speed range.

2.2 Check gear reducer distribution gearbox and host barrel there is no abnormal sound, if there is abnormal phenomena, should be immediately excluded.

2.3 Machine operation should not be abnormal vibration, lame strength and other phenomena, fastening parts should not loose.

2.4 Check the temperature control, heating, cooling system work is normal.

2.5 Water cooling system pipeline unobstructed, and no leakage phenomenon.

2.6 Check the feeding machine material is normal, screw feeding is evenly.

2.7 Often check the nose out of the bar is stable and uniform, there is no broken bar blocking, plastic bad or overheating discoloration phenomena.


3. Normal parking order

(1) The feeding machine screw rotation speed to 0 bits, press the feeder stop button.

(2) Gradually reduce the main screw speed, exhaust the residual material in the body, the application of washing machine before the shutdown of the host cleaning, materials after the basic platoon to stop double screw host, that is, speed up to 0 bits, press the main motor stop button.

(4) Disconnect the general power switch from the electric instrument.

(5) Closing the inlet valves.

(6) The die face and the whole machine surface cleaning.

PE填充 双阶机(2).jpg

4. Emergency parking

In case of emergency need to stop the host, can quickly press the operation of the electronic device screen emergency stop button. System loses power, and the host and feeding speed set back to 0 bits, then the total power switch reset on power, and timely search for the cause of failure, quickly processing to eliminate the failure after the normal driving order to drive again.


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