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the principle of plastic granulation

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What is the principle of plastic granulator in the process of granulation? is the plastic granulator now environmentally friendly?

After the plastic is added to the hopper, from the hopper smoothly landed on the screw, screw thread bite, as the screw is rotated by thread forced barrel direction of the process will produce very high pressure, the material pressure is very dense, improve its thermal conductivity, help the plastic melts quickly, at the same time, The increasing pressure forces the gas in the grain gap to be removed from the vent hole.

Now the basic process of recycled plastic granulation is sorting ~ breaking ~ Cleaning ~ dehydration (of course, these are more dirty material needs, good material scrap can ignore these links, and then through the screw barrel heating and friction melting plastic, sieve mesh filter impurities extruded cutting or cutting tablets. Basic process in this way, Granulator has no environmental protection of the current electric heating nothing, old-fashioned coal heating pollution. The main pollution is the cleaning of sewage and granulation process exhaust emissions.

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