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how to use twin screw extruder

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 How to use twin screw extruder

Are you curious about how the twin screw extrusion works? Actually working principle of twin screw extrusion is not complicated, may you for these proper nouns like a screw or something a bit dizzy, but you carefully look at these, you will find that the principle of twin screw extrusion is not complicated. Read this article to better understand the twin screw extrusion.

The Twin screw extrusion for a screw extruder for plasticizing or transporting thermoplastic materials comprising at least one extruder cylinder, a material feed means and at least one extrudate discharge at the end of the extruder cylinder that is remote from the material feed means. The Twin screw extrusion has a screw flight, wherein the Twin screw extrusion has at least one intake region and forms at least one transport and mixing region and provided in the transport and mixing region are means for shearing the extrudate. The Twin screw extrusion according to the invention is distinguished in that provided as means for shearing the extrudate there is provided at least one shearing land which extends over more than half the length of the Twin screw extrusion, over the periphery of the Twin screw extrusion, wherein the shearing land is in the nature of a screw thread in opposite relationship to the screw flight.

The screw is of a dual-flight nature in the intake zone and in the initial region of the transformation zone. Disposed in the first third of the transformation zone are installation fitments in the form of pins fixed on the periphery of the screw core, in a row arranged at a right angle to the axis of the screw between the screw lands. That enhances the mixing effect within the molten plastic material.

A single-screw extruder for continuously processing thermoplastic materials having a screw which is arranged rotatably in a housing .The shearing and mixing portion is provided in a portion of the extruder screw that is free from any screw land. This is the difference between single screw extruder and twin screw extrusion

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