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counter rotating twin screw extruder for pvc and granulation formula

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Performance of counter rotating twin screw extruder

1 The PVC extrusion compound line has the following general requirements:

1 can continuously and efficiently make PVC material fully plasticizing, achieve stable and continuous production.

2 to establish a stable extrusion pressure, effectively overcome the head resistance, to achieve constant temperature, constant pressure, quantitative extrusion.

3 The exhaust effect is good, the product quality is high.

4 The sex is stable, the applicability of different formulations is strong.

5 The production of products of the specific power (per unit time of production of a kg of products consumed by the transmission power) low, to achieve efficient extrusion production.

6 reliable performance, long service life and good maintainability.

7 Safe and convenient operation, can achieve a high degree of automation production.

8) Beautiful appearance, embodies a wealth of product connotation and profound product personality

Characteristics of counter rotating twin screw extruder

1, conveying: reverse rotation of the full meshing of the twin-screw with positive displacement of the forced transport, the material in which the transmission of similar gear pump, so can produce a very high head pressure

2. Mixing effect: it is achieved by rotating the material in the meshing zone of two screws in the direction of velocity difference or changing material flow.

3, self-cleaning role: For the reverse rotation of the screw, because at the joint, one of the screw ribs and another of the screw groove between the speed difference, making two of the screws with each other to peel the material attached to the screw, so that the screw self-cleaning

4, Calendering effect: Under the action of gravity, friction, the material is easy to bring into the meshing gap. In the Nie canal, the material receives the grinding and rolling action between the screw edge and the screw rod, which is similar to the calendering on the calender.

5, energy-saving characteristics: The twin-screw speed is lower, the transmission power of the screw and the heating power of the barrel are lower, which indicates that the power efficiency of the twin-screw is high and the energy-saving characteristic

Waste Plastic PVC granulation formula

Because of the high degree of degradation in the use of polyvinyl chloride products, and again high-temperature processing, the degradation is more serious, therefore, the general regeneration of polyvinyl chloride in granulation should be added some heat stabilizer, toughening modifier and lubricant, so as to greatly improve the performance of recycled particles of various indicators.

1. The formula of sole material:

Formula 1: Waste soft poly-chlorine

100 kg

Stabilizer (three salts) 2.0 kg

Petroleum ester or dioctyl ester, etc. 15.0 kg

JL-M01 toughened modifier 1-2 kg

Barium Stearate 1.0 kg

Carbon Black 0.1 kg

Formula 2: Waste sole material (means PVC sole) 100 kg

Petroleum ester or dioctyl ester, etc. 6.0 kg

Barium titanate 1.0 kg

Calcium Stearate 1.5 kg

JL-M01 Toughened modifier 1.0 kg

2. Waste polyvinyl chloride film material for recycled film

Formula: Waste PVC membrane Material 100 kg

Plasticizers (dioctyl ester) 5-15 kg

JL-M01 toughening modification of 1-2 kg

Stabilizer (three salt) 3 kg (such as: three salt, two salt, barium titanate, cadmium, zinc, calcium, etc. can be used at the same time, can be used separately)

Lubricants (barium titanate) 1 kg (such as: hard ester acid barium, septum, zinc, calcium, etc.)

Note: Stabilizer and lubricant can not be used at the same time an auxiliary agent, that is, such as hard ester acid barium as stabilizer, lubricants should be paraffin.

If you just want to change the performance of the plastic, you can also use the following methods to improve some of the plastic performance: waste 100 kg, add Jl-m01 toughened modifier 1 kg and two octyl ester 1 kg, can improve its softness and surface smoothness.

Problems to be noticed in PVC granulation

1, at any time notice the body temperature change, with a clean hand touch the note touch, should be heated immediately. Until the note touch is normal.

2, reducer bearing parts of the burner, or accompanied by noise should be timely maintenance, and refueling.

3, plastic granulator mainframe bearing room at both ends of the bearing part of the burning hand or have a murmur, to stop overhaul and add butter. When working normally, the bearing room is added with butter every 5-6 days.

4, pay attention to the operation of the machine law, such as: temperature, speed, can be based on the situation, timely treatment.

5, the fuselage operation is not stable, should pay attention to check whether the gap between the couplings is too tight, to be timely loosen some.

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