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What is the principle of single screw extruder?

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The common single screw extruder consists of three systems, the transmission system, the extrusion system and the heating and cooling system.

(i) Transmission system

The system room gives the driving power of the extruder, which is generally made up of motor and deceleration unit.

(ii) Extrusion system

1 feeding device including hopper and automatic feeding device

2 barrel is also called barrel because the plastic is subjected to high temperature and high pressure in the barrel, the material used for making the barrel must be of high strength, wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting alloy just

3 Screw is the heart of the extruder. The important parts of the solid plastic plastic composite conveying melt are divided into three sections. The section of the section of the feeding segment is compacted plastic. and conveying the solid plastic compression section chamber melts the measurement section of the state plastic is to make the melt further plasticizing evenly and make the material flow quantitatively and evenly extrude from the head runner.

(iii) Heating system

Heating is a heating ring composed of 50 degrees of space because the material barrel materials have friction heating

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