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What is PVC cable material

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      China's PVC resin production and the scale of the largest in the world, in the corresponding PVC modified using various additives, fillers and also developed, has formed a complete industrial chain, which makes China's PVC cable material has difficult to match with his country's resources and cost advantages. So PVC cable material has a greater development.

      PVC cable material is based on polyvinyl chloride resin, adding stabilizers, dioctyl phthalate, diisodecyl phthalate ester and Terephthalic acid dioctyl ester, trioctyl trimellitate ester plasticizer and inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate, additives and lubricants and other additives, after mixing kneading out the preparation of particles.And the PVC cable material can be divided into:PVC insulated cables,PVC sheathed cable,Flame retardant PVC insulated cables,Flame-retardant PVC sheathed cables,PVC elastomer cable,PVC outdoor aerial insulated cable by application.

      How is PVC cable material to be produced?PVC cable material production process and process for: measurement feeding GLS-65 double screw rod to long by than 32;GLD-150 single screw Rod long diameter than requirements in 9;1 screw Rod heart Department to pass cooling water----hydraulic plate for network-----head to with push pulled on blow type head; with such head is do elastic body PVC are not has stick grain phenomenon-----wind cold grinding cut grain------first paragraph cyclone separation device-----second paragraph cyclone separation device------added long Shaker----material warehouse.

      General use double PVC cable materials-order granulation unit. First order for GLS type high-speed with to double screw Rod extrusion machine, second order for GLD series single screw Rod extrusion machine, constitute double order type composite unit, it’s basic structure form features is will double screw Rod high-speed, strong mixed refining and single screw Rod speed, low temperature, weak shear characteristics phase combined, weaknesses, is today hot sensitive sex, cut sensitive sex material efficient distribution mixed modified sex of preferred models. This devices which is used to produce PVC cable material offers the following advantages: good plastification and mixing effect and temperature control easier. Using less power and covers an area of. Raw material of PVC cable material mixing and granulating process is automatic (automatic line control), reducing personnel operations. This equipment of producing PVC cable material does not require special techniques , producing high-quality PVC cable material and simple operation. With excellent security. Easy to control its temperature, thus reducing damage and deterioration of the material of PVC cable material  .

     The quality of PVC cable material is determined by the PVC cable material formula and the raw materials of  PVC cable material used. Especially in the environmental protection PVC cable material and special requirements of environmental protection pvc cable material. Due to the PVC cable material formula belongs to each company's core technology resources, therefore, the company's confidentiality of the formulation of the work are very seriously, which is also an obstacle to the objective of the PVC cable material formulation and development. With the continuous renewal and development of various additives and fillers of PVC, the formula of PVC cable material is improved and improved. Before 2003, the environmental protection material, PVC cable high-end products, China's dependence on imports, after years of development, the design of PVC cable material formulation, manufacture of PVC cable materials have reached the international advanced level, there are a lot of products have been exported abroad. 

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