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What are the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Underwater Pelletizing System?

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At present, the commonly used underwater pelletizer is divided into a Strand palletizing system and an Underwater palletizing system. Most domestic companies use dry or wet stripping pellets. The pelletizer is formed by casting a molten polymer into strips, cooling the water, cutting into sliced particles, and drying the sliced particles. Here are some details about the advantages and disadvantages of this underwater pelletizing system:

Advantages of underwater pelletizing system:

1. Optimize the shape of the particles, and the surface of the particles is smooth and uniform;

2. High particle density and good fluidity;

3. Eliminate the oxidation of particles;

4. Less bonding;

5. Production and operation advantages:

1) Fully automatic continuous production; one-button start-up, convenient and fast.

2) Shorten the curing time, less floor space and cooling water demand, energy saving and environmental protection.

3) Fully enclosed production, clean environment;

4) Low noise and no dust pollution.

Disadvantages of underwater pelletizing system:

(1) For semi-crystalline or non-crystalline high polymers, the existing equipment adopts water ring-type pelletizing, and the high-viscosity polymer material is easy to agglomerate, which affects the quality of the product, and may cause downtime in severe cases;

(2) In order to reduce the temperature, the cutter shaft has a large distance cantilever, the pelletizing is unstable and the operation is inconvenient;

(3) The production capacity is low, the power consumption is large, and the equipment is huge, which cannot meet the market demand. The granules produced by the strip type granulator are in the form of flakes, and the uniformity of dicing is poor. At present, the domestically produced series of SQL products belong to the strip type underwater pelletizing system.

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