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Underwater Pelletizing Process

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The underwater pelletizing line is suitable for the regeneration and production of new materials such as TPU, TPE, hot melt adhesive, PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and so on. Color mixing granulation


Advantages of the underwater pelletizing process:

Particle quality advantage:

1. Optimize the shape of the particles, and the surface of the particles is smooth and uniform;

2. High particle density and good fluidity;

3. Eliminate the oxidation of particles;

4. Less bonding;

5. Production and operation advantages:

6.constant pellet quality


About the pelletizer

1 Fully automatic continuous production; one-button start-up, convenient and fast.

2.all thermoplastic materials can be processed

3. easy operation,automatic ,safe and fast

4.Shorten the curing time, less floor space and cooling water demand, energy saving and environmental protection.

5.easily accessible pellet dryer, safe cleaning

6. Fully enclosed production, clean working environment, Low noise

7.low labor and maintenance costs

8.optional components for your individual requirements


Kairong Machinery is one of the leading supplier of underwater pelletizing technology. The die plate is fixed on the heated carrier body. The thermal insulation ensures that the compound in the die holes will not "freeze". Kairong pelletizer are not sensitive to fluctuations in output, thus making the pelletizer process extremely reliable, meanwhile it has high operating efficiency.


In addition, the clearly designed water treatment and drying system makes the pellets drying with more effective . The continuous filtration of water processing ensures low maintenance requirements. because the easily accessible of the pellet dryer ,The material extrusion or color changes can be done quickly. The complete underwater pelletizing process can be easily adapted to different production situation, thus increasing your flexibility.

Function of Underwater Pelletizing Process


The underwater pelletizing process consits of an electrical control system, a polymer compounding system, a pelletizing extrusion unit, a water treatment unit and The drying system.


When it starts, the melt flow is guided down by the polymer shunt valve.


Once a constant melt flow is given, the flow is rebooted and the template is flushed with the melt. Once the melt appears continuously from each hole, the stream boots down again.


Clean the template and secure the granulator housing to the granulation head through a hydraulic lock. The melt is then directed to the Granulation head with the installation of the template, and the molten wire will appear under water granulation. The granules are then moved to the water treatment and drying system through process water.


The separator then removes any potential lumps. In the pre-dewatering unit, the particles are separated from the process water and transported to the centrifugal dryer.


The centrifugal force in the dryer and the special arrangement of the Blades drive the particles up, while separating the residual water through the sieve mesh.

Particles leave the system from the top and proceed to the next step. The process water is collected in the water tank, filtered and recycled into the process. A cooling circuit with a plate heat exchanger is integrated to control the process water temperature.

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