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Underwater Pelletizing Machine for EVA Hot Melt Advise

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EVA hot melt adhesive is a solid fusible polymer that does not require solvent and contains 100% moisture. It is solid at normal temperature, and is heated and melted to a certain temperature to become a liquid with a certain viscosity. The molten EVA hot melt adhesive is light brown or white. EVA hot melt adhesive consists of basic resin, tackifier, viscosity modifier and antioxidant.

eva hot melt advise

EVA hot melt rubber particles, rubber powder is mainly used for shoe materials, automotive interiors, filter materials, etc. Prices are also relatively cheap.

underwater pelletizing machine

UNderwater Pelletizing Machine 

For eva hot melt pelletizing .we suggest underwater pelletizing machine.  

Nowadays, there are more and more types of hot melt adhesives, such as EVA, polyurethane (pressure sensitive adhesive), PA, PE, PP, etc., which can be roughly divided into three shapes: granular, block, and strip. So, what about their devices? Let me talk about the production process of hot melt adhesive pelletizing for everyone! ! !

There are two options for hot melt mixing. The first one is a conventional (old) stirring, which is stirred with a reaction kettle. The second is to use a new type of mixing, using a kneading machine. The effect of the kneading machine stirring the hot melt adhesive is better than that of the reaction kettle, but the cost of the former is higher than that of the latter.

After mixing? The next step is to put the stirred hot melt glue into the storage tank and add some additives to stir again. Don't forget to add an extruder under the tank. We have a wealth of experience in making hot melt adhesives. The follow-up is to squeeze the underwater pellets. The underwater pelletizing is very critical. It should be cooled with ice water, so it should be equipped with an ice water machine. After the underwater pelletizing is completed, it is necessary to dry the water to the dryer and then transfer it to the vibrating screen to select it. After the brush is selected, the surface of the particles is rough, so it is necessary to add powder to stir and polish. After the polishing is completed, it is the packaging part.

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