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Twin screw operation standards, technology and solutions

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    This is Twin screw operation standards, technology and solutions. If you buy the machine but will not use it, we can operate according to the Twin screw operation standards, technology and solutions. If the Twin screw operation standards, technology and solutions of the manual can not solve your problem, you can contact us.

1.Drive operation

1.1 preheating temperature: the main power switch and the power switch on the electric heater, according to the process of each heating zone (120 degrees) to set parameters, starts to heat up.

1.2 the heating temperature reaches the set value, the continued constant 30-45 minutes (because from the cylinder temperature screw requires a process, therefore, will take a long time) and further test the accuracy of the temperature controller and solenoid valve.

1.3 with hand disc moving elastic coupling determine normal, twin screw Rod core axis and drive box of links metal sets to check whether has to drive box direction sliding (if sliding had too more, is may in high torque situation Xia, damaged core axis roots of meshing end, General for part domestic double screw Rod manufacturers) can prepared started main motor, closed power switch, and auxiliary power switch and the started button, for host speed set, gradually increased main screw Rod speed, idling speed not above 40R/min, time not over two minutes.

1.4 host idling without exception, feeding machine start button is pressed, adjust feed speed set, in order to minimize low speed begin feeding. Head material discharge and then slowly raise the feed screw speed and screw speed, the feeder to match the host speed, adjust current pay close attention whenever host indicates that enables hosts current does not exceed the rated current, bearing in mind the unit functioning, if there are exceptions, should be to stop processing.

1.5 in order to avoid high shear mixing material from overheating, the cylinder is equipped with soft water circulation cooling system. Each cylinder by solenoid valves and temperature controller control linkage. Driving the start-up phase, without opening the cooling system, operation, observe hosts the temperature rise, as appropriate, determine the use of the cooling system. Water identified, generally do not need to be adjusted in the normal operation. Cooling water regulating valve not too large, too large, it is possible to cool down too much, temperature, time.

2. Operation check

2.1 main motor current is stable, volatility or rising sharply, temporarily reducing the amount of feed, stable current, and then gradually increase. Speed should be smooth. Screw at the required speed range.

2.2 check gear transmission box and the master cylinder if there is abnormal sound, if there are anomalies, should immediately stop shooting.

2.3 machine in operation there should be no abnormal vibrations, phenomena such as Pidgin, fastening parts should not be loose.

2.4 check the temperature control, heating and cooling system is functioning properly.

2.5 water cooling system pipes open, and there is no leakage.

2.6 check the feeder material correctly, screw to eat is uniform.

2.7 check stability of the head evenly, there is no broken congestion, incomplete fusion phenomena such as discoloration or overheating.

3. Normal shutdown sequence

(1) adjust the feeder screw speed to zero, press the feeder stop button.

(2)decrease screw speed, exhaust cylinder residual material before stopping the application machine to host the cleaning, basic row material after the stop double-screw extruder, the speed to zero, press Stop button of the main motor.

(4) actions and total power power disconnect switch.

(5) close the water inlet valve.

(6) the head surface and surface cleaning of the entire unit.

4. Emergency stop

In case there is an emergency need to stop hosts, can rapidly screen operation power press the emergency stop button. System power failure, and the host and feed speed is set back to zero, and then on the main power switch reset, and looking for the cause, quickly processing to eliminate the fault normally drive after drive order.


5.1 meshing elements

(1) shear: 90 ° >60 ° >45 ° >30 °, thick slices > flakes; point anti-gnaw > is snapping and snapping and cutting and anti-transportation, cut > transportation; toothed disc > mesh blocks;

(2) transportation: 30 ° >45 ° >60 ° >90 °; the same angle snapping > anti-gnaw; helical > straight;

(3) stronger, cutting, transportation less, stay longer; 90 ° mesh block shear the strongest, but conveying the weakest; different angle and forward/reverse mesh block matching connections, is less likely to form "fixed fluid", increasing the shear;

(4) the sheets are easy to wear, long after into thick slices;

(5) feeding of the mesh block moved to natural exhaust before the appropriate and advisable to begin with a 30 ° mesh blocks, effectively preventing component wear.

5.2 transportation components

(1) increase, lead, conveying increased lead decreased voltage increase;

(2) feeding, natural venting, vacuum delivery element with large lead should be used; natural venting, vacuum small lead anti-conveyor components should be installed at the end (example: 44/22L) or the mesh block (example: 45 °/5/56L), prevent risk material;

(3) Cheng Banxuan positive/negative connection constitutes stretch originals (such as: 160/80LS in conjunction with 160/80LS-L constitute a drawing block); stretching can improve the dispersion of each component, improve product gloss, and the guarantees head pressure stability.

6. Treatment of frequently asked questions

6.1 Holes

Cause: gas (steam), incomplete fusion


A, check the vacuum--(gas);

B, check the component decomposition temperature matches the temperature and processing--(gas);

C check whether the component normal moisture content--(steam);

D, check whether the system is in "lubrication" status--(incomplete fusion);

E, check the screw cut is appropriate--(incomplete fusion);

F, check material melting temperature matches the temperature--(incomplete fusion);

G, check host speed is too fast--(incomplete fusion).

6.2 Broken bar

Cause: impurities, gas (steam), incomplete fusion, pressure


A, check whether it contains miscellaneous materials--(impurities);

B, filter is appropriate--(pressure, impurities);

C check the vacuum--(gas);

D, check the component decomposition temperature matches the temperature and processing--(gas);

E, check whether the component of normal moisture content--(steam);

F, check whether the system is in "lubrication" status--(incomplete fusion);

G, check the screw cut the paragraphs is appropriate--{incomplete fusion, impurities (carbonization)};

H, examine material melting temperature and temperature matching--{incomplete fusion, impurities (carbonization)};

I, check whether the host speed too fast--(incomplete fusion).

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