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Twin-screw Granulator can be made of material types:

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Twin-screw Granulator can be made of material types:

1 Glass fiber system, the temperature is too low, the resin is half melt, to the back of the glass fiber coating is poor, temperature is too high, resin flow increased, Wen Yu and shear effect of small, even high temperature degradation, its set principle:
1, according to different base materials and glass fiber content is different;
2, deduction of the screw shear input heat, slightly above the melting point of the base material;
3. The melt flow condition in the posterior segment of the molten section (that is, the glass fiber joining port).
2) filling system, (provide strong shearing to fill, fully dispersed), the melting section is higher than the base material melting point 10~20℃ (as far as possible), so that the full melting of materials evenly distributed.
3 Flame Retardant system, (protect good flame retardant), its temperature should be low, especially the white material, as far as possible to reduce.
4 Glass fiber reinforced flame retardant system, set temperature between the two in front, based on the basic melting point of the material.
5 alloy system, with two groups of melting temperature as the basis, taking into account the proportion of components and thermal sensitivity of the group, and so on, appropriate temperature adjustment
For example ABS (6:4), PC: Melting point of 230 degrees, decomposition points about 350 degrees; ABS: Melting point 180~190℃ about 245-290 degrees-so ABS processing temperature 230-250 degrees-take into account other additives, such as compatibility, Thermal stability of lubricants and so on.

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