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Twin Screw EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Pellets Extruder Plastic Compound Machine for Hot Melt Glue Pellets


With systems designed for producing hot melt glue pellets, we can efficiently and economically meet the needs of the masterbatch or pellets producer. We manufacture the EVA hot melt glue pellets machine with the most advanced technology and best material, it can produce standard size of pellets, for better utilization by the end user. As the space requirement is not high, the energy cost is low, and the processing cost is low, so that our twin screw EVA hot melt adhesive pellets extruder machine more and more popular in many countries. As follows, we introduce you to the different size of the hot melt glue pellets machine and its working principle, you can browse them to know parts, if need more, please contact us for details now!

twin screw EVA hot melt adhesive pellets extruder machine for hot melt glue pellets 

Representative materials

extruder for granules




Model Diameter(mm) L/D Roating speed Powder output(kg/h) weight(kg)
TSE-40 41 36-40 600r/min 239 N.m 90-150 2500
TSE-50 50.5 32-52 500r/min 430 N.m 135-270 3000
TSE-65A 62.4 36-40 500r/min 716 N.m 180-250 4000
TSE-65B 62.4 36-40 600r/min 716 N.m 200-300 4000
TSE-65C 62.4 36-40 600r/min 875 N.m 220-350 4000
TSE-75A 71 32-56 5600r/min 1050 N.m 300-420 4000
TSE-75B 71 36-40 600r/min 1050 N.m 350-550 4000
TSE-95 93 36-40 600r/min 2506 N.m 600-1000 5000



Working principles of twin screw extruder


plstic extruder

1. Electric control system of twin screw extruder


Frame structure control cabinet


Imported electrical elements


Imported temperature control system


Imported driving system


Interlock and multi-protection


Adopting imported PLC (OMRON or SIMES ) to achieve optimized process control.Stronger function, steady   performance and much higher accuracy.


It can be also accomplished full-set link-lock protection,trouble safeguard, fault alarm cluing and so on


Operation interface on touching screen is visual and marked, which is brief and easy to use.


2.The Gearbox


New-style project of parallel three-axises driving makes the convey axis,convey chain,decelerate and the torque assignment get together,which keeo it compact,and the key bearings are imported.


The select material of drive components is dainty. Including super intension alloy cementiteing steel,cementiting and quenching ,gear grinding technics ,strengthening of tooth face.So they can ensure high torque,high precision and low noise.


Soakage and coerce lubrication integrate smoothly.When the hydraulic circuit is over pressed


3.Mixing and Feeding system



4.The compounding system



Euro-style rectangle barrel,reflux refrigeration is optimized and disposed,which makes temperature difference in C areas smaller


According to the material and special techinics demands,the material of cylinder can use high quality nitrided steel,corrosion proof or antifriction with corresponding process


The screw material is made of high tool steel 38CrMoALA or W6Mo5Cr4V2 by special heat-treament




Produce line
Test running machine
 extruder test machine
  Underwater pelletizing  line
40机水下切 (1).jpg

 40机水下切 (3)_副本.jpg

 40机水下切 (4)_副本.jpg


EVA热熔胶 (1).jpg 

Packaging & Shipping

 Packaging & Shipping

Wooden case or pallet covered by plastic film 
Nanjing kairong extruder package




Company Information

Company Information

Our company is  a professional manufacturer of granulating extruders for coloring /dyeing ,filling masterbatch production ,as well as plastic modification and compounding ,plastic recycling ,high efficiency and economical power consumption.And we also have substantial experience in R&D,technique and after sales service . And for some materials ,we supply turnz-key project.

Our machines are widely used in China mainland ,and have been exported to 30 countries and places over the world .Surely you will also get professional machines and characteristic services here .let’s  create more together !

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Our Services

Support AndService-when you need them

kairong extruder service



1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company,How is you factory extrusion experience?

   A: We are a factory. 15 years experience on extrusion.Leading supplier in Nanjing city.


2.Q: How long is your machine’s guarantee time?

    A: 1 year, main parts warranty time will be 2 or 3 years.


3. Q:What can you provide for after sale service?

    A:We can send engineers to your factory for installation and training if customers‘ required


4. How to contact with me?

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