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The influence of wear on the life of twin-screw granulator

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        The normal wear and tear of the twin-screw granulator is unavoidable, but the abnormal wear will directly affect the service life of the twin-screw granulator.Incorrect process operation is the biggest culprit of abnormal wear.Influence of process of twin-screw granulation non normal wear mainly reflected impurities in the raw material, the twin-screw granulator no-load, low temperature, high temperature and high pressure operation and frequent shutdown etc..

         1, raw material processing

Cleanliness of raw materials is very important.The normal production of basic raw material is clean, but does not rule out due to poor management, some into the factory or piled materials mixed with waste, scrap iron, metal particles and other impurities, if these impurities without screening, in the twin-screw granulator feeding before filtering, directly into the twin-screw granulator, likely to screw granulator and barrel causing serious injury.

        2, no-load operation

Twin screw granulator head screw barrel is depend on the power distribution box bearing, screw head in cantilever state in the barrel, the extruded material by filling in the meantime, to avoid direct contact with the screw, the inner wall of the cylinder friction. If the granulation machine boot, the machine does not add materials or cleaning materials, resulting in small head screw and the cylinder wall contact, friction, the twin screw granulator wear in the short term.

         3, extruder protection

Do a good job of protection when the machine breaks.Even if the production of raw materials is not a problem, if the twin screw granulator during the production of the granulator does not effectively protect, or operators, maintenance personnel inadvertently, resulting in nails, screws or iron scrap into the hopper. Although the twin-screw granulator hopper provided with the magnetic frame, but if you removed, or do not lead to regular cleaning magnetic frame, hopper, iron nails fall directly into the granulator, will cause damage to the screw and barrel.

        4, boot frequency

Because each boot can not guarantee that the screw and the cylinder is filled with materials, especially the long-term shutdown of the twin screw granulator. Every time the extruder, will increase the screw and cylinder wear. Compared with the long - cycle operation of the twin - screw granulator, the service life will be reduced

        5, unplanned outage

When the granulator blackout in the production process, resulting in the extruder the material can not be squeezed out, stay a long time in the twin-screw granulator, not only caused the corrosion of the screw and barrel, the material is likely to occur in the temperature for a long time under the local decomposition, again temperature extrusion, the formation of carbon. Effect of pipe quality, but also by twin-screw granulator wear.

        6, low temperature or high temperature, high pressure operation

Before the start should be heating and constant temperature. If the temperature and time of constant temperature and temperature requirements are not up to the requirements, or operating under low temperature conditions, not only because of bad effect of plasticizing quality of pipe, also because of raw material, resulting in high torque run, cause mechanical damage and wear; on the other hand, if the extruded material temperature, high pressure and run not in time, screw and barrel will be due to temperature and pressure high creep, reduce anti friction performance, and lead to local material decomposition, carbon formation, affect the quality of pipe, intensified twin-screw granulator wear. Due to the high speed extrusion equipment, mold matching, under the existing conditions, excessive pursuit of high speed extrusion is not appropriate.

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