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The advantages of parallel twin-screw extruder

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Parallel twin-screw extruder is a kind of efficient mixing and extrusion equipment, which has obvious advantages. The extruder with advanced, beautiful control system, the majority of its control components are imported components, good quality, high sensitivity, so it is very convenient to operate, the requirements of operators are not high.


The advantages of parallel twin-screw extruder include the following:


Firstly, the application of twin-screw extruder is wide and can be applied to the processing of various materials.


Second, the precise measurement of twin-screw extruder Reasonable feeding method is the key to strictly implement the formula, and also to ensure the quality of the first, we according to the performance of the material, user needs, with a variety of feeding methods, such as volume measurement, dynamic weight loss measurement and so on to meet the needs of different products.


Third, reduce production costs. At present, ordinary twin screw extruder in the replacement of color, the need to use a large number of cleaning machine material cleaning, time-consuming, electricity, and waste of raw materials. and split double screw extruder can solve this problem, replacing the color, as long as a few minutes can quickly open the barrel, manual cleaning, so that you can not use or less cleaning materials, saving costs.


Fourthly, twin screw extruder improves labor efficiency. In the equipment maintenance, the ordinary twin-screw extruder often first to the heating, cooling system, and then the overall pull screw. The split double screw is not, as long as the loosening of several bolts, rotating worm gear box handle device lifting the upper part of the barrel can open the entire barrel, and then repair. This shortens the maintenance time and reduces the labor intensity.


Fifth, plastic modified granulation machine is intuitive to understand the wearing of vulnerable parts. Because of the convenience of opening, it can be found at any time screw components, cylinder liner wear degree, thus effective maintenance or replacement. It is not to be found in the extrusion of products, causing unnecessary waste.

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