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The Difference Between PVC And PET

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         Both PET and PVC are thermoplastic elastomers, which are essentially different.PET and PVC have similar uses in many fields, and many people are also wondering what the difference is between the two materials.As PET and PVC materials performance similar to the non-industry people don't know PVC and PET, here to talk about is the difference in the PET and PVC materials.


        PET and PVC are soft plastic, visualizing and feel identified, or burning material identification:

1. see flame color. The base of the fire shows green PVC, blue is the PET.

2. Smell the odor after burning. PET after combustion has a fragrant smell, not very bad. PVC combustion of chlorine smell, unpleasant smell.

3. the flame level. Without added flame retardant material PET level UL94-HB are flame retardant, fire burns from the fire continued burning does not go out. Level UL94-V2 are flame retardant PVC, self-extinguishing, ignition and combustion, ignition sources after the departure of flame will extinguish.

        PET features: PET-is a thermoplastic elastomer with high elasticity of rubber, high strength, high elasticity of new material. Soft PET materials, good weather resistance, does not contain plasticizers, is an environmentally friendly, nontoxic materials, the price is probably in the 250,000 tons, widely used in the daily necessities of human contact. Since PET waste 100% recycling, cost savings, production and processing, without curing, thermoplastic molding machine can be processed, processing methods are injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rolling, and so on.Hardness range, in the 0-120A range, energy and related to PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, nylon and other plastic materials, plastic bags, can also be formed. Compared to the PET and PVC, high and low temperature resistance, good flexibility. In line with the EU United States Rohs, and PAHS, 12P, DIN53160, EN71-3, PFOS, FDA, REACH the environmental protection standard instructions.

       PVC features: PVC-polyvinyl chloride, is a toxic chlorine-containing resin, plasticizer was added when processing, greater content of plasticizer and softer materials, widely used in building materials, artificial leather, priced between 0.8-12,000 yuan per ton. PVC plastic products at higher temperatures, such as 50 or so it will slowly decomposes to hydrogen chloride gas, has a foul odor in the process, the gas harmful to the human body, pollute the environment. Because they are inexpensive, PVC material used widely. Global environmental protection is increasing in recent years, there is also growing attention to environmental health, energy-saving environmentally friendly PET material in many application areas begin to replace the PVC.

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