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TSE-65 Masterbatch Extruder Machine for Filler And Color Masterbatch Plastic Compound Machine

Used for making master batch .Good performance !!

  • TSE-65C
  • KaiRong

TSE-65 master batch extruder machine is mainly made of stainless steel and other wear-resisting materials.

It is firm and overpressure resistant. The color masterbatch extruder machine is used for making color masterbatch. The color masterbatch which the color masterbatch extruder machine produced is meticulours and high quality. Our color masterbatch extruder machine exported to many countries and have a good reputation. 

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We have good experience in all type of plastic compounding , still exploring .

Suitable for :


--Polymer blending & filling modification


--Engineering polymer & glass fiber reinforcement


--Universal color master batch, functional master batch


--Special material, powder coatings


--Reactive extrusion, degassing & devolatilization

special for making color masterbatch .. water cooling strand pelletizing line. L/D = 40:1 


Model Diameter L/D Rotating speed Power Capacity Weight
TSE-40 41 36-40 600r/min 239N.m 90-150 2500kg
TSE-50 50.5 32-52 500r/min 430N.m 135-270 3000kg
TSE-65A 62.4 36-40 500r/min 716N.m 180-250 4000kg
TSE-65B 62.4 36-40 600r/min 716N.m 200-300 4000kg
TSE-65C 62.4 36-40 600r/min 875N.m 220-350 4000kg
TSE-75A 71 32-56 500r/min 1050N.m 300-420 4000kg
TSE-75B 71 36-40 600r/min 1050N.m 350-550 4000kg
TSE-95 93 36-40 600r/min 2506N.m 600-1000 5000kg

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