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We offer whole plant,even turnkey solution to meet different customers’ requirements. 
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PP/PE Compounding Extruder Plastic Compound Machine with High Quality


PP/PE compuonding extruder machine with high quality

Product Description

The PP/PE compounding extruder machine with high quality is used in the production of color masterbatch, it is sturdy and durable. The compounding extruder machine is one kind of plastic compound machine and be widely used in many industries.

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In generaal speak,if you want to recycle plastic,the water-strand pelletizing is the best choice for you.



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1,Euro-style rectangle barrel, reflux refrigeration channel is optimized and disposed, which makes temperature difference in D areas smaller.

2,The heater of plastic compound machine adopts innovative design to insure high efficiency of heat transfer and high longevity of heater.

3,according to the material and special technics demands, the material of cylinder can use high quality nitrided steel, corrosion proof or antifriction with corresponding process.

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1,New-style project of parallel three-axises driving makes the convey axis, convey chain, decelerate and torque get together, which keep it compact, and the key bearings are import.

2,The computer designs tooptimize gear parameters and strengthen safe overmeasure, so that the plastic masterbatch extruder machine can complete its tasks favorably.

3,The selected material of drive components is dainty. Including super intention alloy cementiting and grinding technics, strengthening of tooth face. So they can ensure the color masterbatch extruder machine has high torque, high precision and low noise.

4,Soakage and spraying lubriation integrate smoothly.

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2,Die head

cut knife.jpg

3,Water circulation system

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4,Centrifugal dewater and vibrating sieve



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model screw diameter(mm) L/D screw speed(r/min) motor power(kw) screw torque(N.m) torque rating(T/N³) quantity(kg/h)
TSE-20 22 32-44 600 5.5 43 7.5 0.5-10



31 32-48 500 11 105 5.9 5-30
600 15 119 6.7 5-40
TSE-35A/B 35.6 32-52 600 15-22 119 4.4 20-60
TSE-40A 41 32-64 400 22 263 6.4 65-110
TSE-40B 41 32-52 600 30 239 5.8 90-150
TSE-50A/B 50.5 32-52 500 45-55 430 5.4 135-270
TSE-65A 62.4 32-52 400 75 895 6.3 180-250
500 75 716 5.1 180-270
TSE-65B 62.4 32-64 600 90 716 5.1 200-300
TSE-65C 62.4 32-64 600 110 875 6.2 220-350
TSE-75A 71 32-56 400 90 1074 4.9 250-350
500 110 1050 4.8 300-420
TSE-75B 71 32-64 600 132 1050 4.8 350-550
TSE-75C 71 32-64 600 160 1273 5.8 400-600
TSE-75D 71 32-64 600 200-250 1990 9.2 500-1000
TSE-95A 93 32-64 500 250 2387 5 600-1000
TSE-95B 93 32-64 600 315 2506 5.3 800-1200
TSE-135A 133 32-64 500 750 7162 5.38 1500-2250


Packaging & Shipping

  Wooden case or pallet covered by plastic film 

recycle plastic granules making machine price

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Company Information

Kairong group , headquartered in Nanjing, China, is a global manufacturing and trading company in the field of high-performance plastics and rubber processing equipment , extrusion solutions, masterbatch and compounding, etc. Its unit Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Company is a prefessional manufacturer of twin screw extruder, single screw extruder ,two stage extruder and its related auxiaries.  We tailor solutions from raw materials, materials processing equipment, to injection for different customers. Each Kairong solution is designed , manufactured, and commissioned by experienced teams of professionals engineers and aftersales staffs. 

Kairong group offers raw materials, Mixing and conveying unit, extrusion technology, recycling unit, profile extrusion etc. We offer whole plant ,even turnkey solution to meet different customers’ requirements.
Kairong Group believes that “ High quality and professional service will bring bright future “
recycle plastic granules making machine price.png
recycle plastic granules making machine price.jpg

1. Q: How can we go to your factory? 
R:Our factory is located in Nanjing jiangning, Jiangsu Province, China, 
1) You can fly to Nanjing Airport directly. We will pick you up on Nanjing Lukou International airport; about 20 mintues to our company
2) You can fly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport then come to Nanjing by High-speed railway, then we will pick you up in the railway station.about 8 mintues to our company
All our clients, from domestic or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us! 
2. Q: Why chose us?
R: 1)Quick reply. Once we received the inquiry from Alibaba, we will reply you within 24hours.
2)Quick manufacturing time. To guarantee the quality, the machine will be finished within 60days.
3) Before delivery, the machine will be tested to ensure every part is ok.
4) Wooden case package to ensure no damage during shipping.
3.Q:What is the payment?
R: 1) T/T payment; 2) LC;

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