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Hot And Cold Mixing Unit for PVC Plastic Compound Machine




Model  Total volume Effective volume Power of   electrical machinery and heating Principal axis   rotary speed Capacity Heating   powder/cooling medium Discharging mode weight
SRL-W200/500 200/500 150/350 30/42/7.5kw 490/980/70 370-400kg/h  6kw/water pneumatics 3.5
SRL-W300/600 300/600 225/384 40/55/11kw 480/964/70 550-600kg/h 9kw/water pneumatics 3.8
SRL-W500/1000 500/1000L 375/660 47/67/1.5kw 441/886/60 800-1000kg/h 9kw/water pneumatics 7.8
SRL-W500/1600 500/1600L 375/1024 47/67/18.5kw 441/886/51 800-1000kg/h 9kw/water pneumatics 8.5
SRL-W800/2000 800/2000L 560/1280 110/18.5 kw 330/660/51 300-1500kg/h self-friction/water peneumatics 10
SRL-W800/2500 800/2500L 560/1600 110/22kw 330/660/51 1300-1500kg/h self-friction/water peneumatics 11
SRL-W1000/3500 1000/3500L 750/2240 132/37kw 330/660/51 1800-2000kg/h self-friction/water peneumatics 12
SRL-W800x2/4000 1600/4000L 1120/2550 110x2/37 330/660/51 2600-3000kg/h self-friction/water peneumatics 18

SRL-Z Mixed Machine Set


SRL-Z mixed machine unit is mainly applied to burdening, mixing, coloring and drying of various resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polrvinyl chloride, drying, dehydration and so on before contour machining of engineering plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate, and mixing of phenol and formaldehyde resins.

The machine set combines hot mixing technology with cold mixing technology. Material which has subjected to hot mixing automatically enters the step of cold mixing and is then cooled, so that residual gas is exhausted and agglomeration is prevented.


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