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High Hard-wearing Barrel for Twin Screw Plastic Compound Extruder Machine with Liner

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high hard-wearing barrel for twin screw extruder with liner

Product Description


The high hard-wearing barrel for twin screw extruder with liner has gentle molding design, it can ensure the quality of the material. The effective design of screw extruder with barrel is a reliable guarantee for the extrusion, it can produce high quality molding products. From the name of barrel for twin screw extruder with liner, you can know that the twin screw extruder with liner is hard-wearing, so that it can service for you well and for a long time.

Model of screw barrel for parallel twin screw machine:

Technical data for TSE twin screw extruder

model screw diameter(mm) L/D screw speed(r/min)
TES-20 22 32-44 600



31 32-48 500
TES-35A/B 35.6 32-52 600
TES-40A 41 32-64 400
TES-40B 41 32-52 600
TES-50A/B 50.5 32-52 500


62.4 32-52 400
TES-65B 62.4 32-64 600
TES-65C 62.4 32-64 600
TSE-75A 71 32-56 400
TES-75B 71 32-64 600
TES-75C 71 32-64 600
TES-75D 71 32-64 600
TES-95A 93 32-64 500
TES-95B 93 32-64 600
TES-135A 133 32-64 500

Technical data for SP two stage line

model screw diameter(mm) L/D screw speed(r/min)
SP50-120 TSE-50A 50.5 24-48 500
SJ120 120 7-20 65-85
SP65-150 TSE-65A 62.4 24-48 400-500
SJ150 150 7-20 65-85
SP75-180 TSE-75A 71 24-48 400-500
SJ180 180 7-20 65-85
SP95-200 TSE-95A 93 24-48 300
SJ200 200 7-20 85

Technical data of SJ series single screw extruder pelletizing system

model screw diameter(mm) L/D
SJ-100 100 20-32
SJ-120 120 20-32
SJ-150 150 20-32
SJ-180 180 20-32
SJ-200 200 20-32

screw barrelscrew barrelscrew barrelIMG_20161124_090243.jpgBimetallic liner_副本.jpg

Packaging & Shipping

 wooden case or pallet covered by plastic film

screw barrelscrew barrel

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Kairong group , headquartered in Nanjing, China, is a global manufacturing and trading company in the field of high-performance plastics and rubber processing equipment , extrusion solutions, masterbatch and compounding, etc. Its unit Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Company is a prefessional manufacturer of twin screw extruder, single screw extruder ,two stage extruder and its related auxiaries. We tailor solutions from raw materials, materials processing equipment, to injection for different customers. Each Kairong solution is designed , manufactured, and commissioned by experienced teams of professionals engineers and aftersales staffs. 

Kairong group offers raw materials, Mixing and conveying unit, extrusion technology, recycling unit, profile extrusion etc. We offer whole plant ,even turnkey solution to meet different customers’ requirements.
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screw barrelscrew barrelscrew barrelscrew barrel


1. Q: How can we go to your factory? 

R:Our factory is located in Nanjing jiangning, Jiangsu Province, China, 
1) You can fly to Nanjing Airport directly. We will pick you up on Nanjing Lukou International airport; about 20 mintues to our company
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4) Wooden case package to ensure no damage during shipping.
3.Q:What is the payment?
R: 1) T/T payment; 2) LC;

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