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Gravimetric Feeder / Lose in Weight Feeder Plastic Compound Machine

GBL-SS/ST is a range of four sets of feeders (GBL-ST11/SS23, GBL-ST22/SS45, GBL-ST36/SS72 and GBL-ST65/SS123) processing material continuously, designed to process granule, flowing, non-flowing powder, and flakes. GBL-SS/ST series can be freely integrated with other feeders of dosing and blending system. Each component flow is continuously detected and calibrated. It can be used for compounding, food and chemical fiber processes.

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Stainless Steel Touch Screen Controller Loss In Weight Feeders with low price

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GBL-LWM is a range of two feeders (GBL-LWM10 and GBL-LWM20) processing liquid material continuously. It is a continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing system for various viscosity liquid additives, which is applied to handling plastic pellets in compounding and extrusion processes. GBL-LWM series provides constant and accurate processing thanks to a suitable dosing pump, an advanced weighing system and sophisticated software.
• Modular design, safe, simple, and reliable use
• Components: LFE feeder pump module, LVH weighing hopper, LSP weighing module, EC-LWL control module
• Operation and display through Sonner M250 industrial computer
• Capacity: 1 to 200 L / h
• Accuracy: ± 0.1 to 0.25 %
• Processes: polymer compounding (polyolefins modification, engineering plastics,polymer alloys, masterbatch, composites), plastics extrusion (cable), food processing
• Handled material: liquids
• Refilling hopper module: 40 L / 80 L stainless steel hopper Stainless steel hopper lid Inlet / filter type dust outlet Silicon sealing parts
• IEVD32 refilling electrical valve: Stainless steel body and surface, plating treatment Stainless steel gate
• Inlet / outlet soft connector
• Standard installing frame
• Heater parts to heat up solidfied liquids at ambient temperature

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