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Extruder die face design principles

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Extruder die face design principles

When the screw rotates at high speed, the mixed material in the feeder is pushed to the head part. Under the high temperature of the extruder, the powdery and granular materials are rapidly melted. When the material is sent to the head, Of the thrust, the melted material through the filter, then through the porous plate into the jet die from the orifice in the hole in the spray, until the normal plastic strip can be introduced into the pelletizer for pelletizing.

Extruders by type of action can be divided into continuous extrusion and non-continuous extrusion. Plastic extruder is also a kind of plastic machinery. According to the extrusion machine extrusion direction of the head and the screw center line angle, the head is divided into bevel head (angle 120o) and right-angle head. The head of the shell is bolted to the fuselage, the nose of the mold with a mold core to sit and nut fixed to the nose into the port, the front of the mold core with a mold core, mold core and core seat The hole in the center is for passing through the core.

Why can’t increase the feeding speed by enlarging the speed of screw

A twin-screw extruder output is generally determined by the feeding speed, if your feeding speed is not increased, it won’t work

2 see what you do is the material and temperature of every district. If the temperature is not ok, the plastic material is not plasticized. Projected material can not be squeezed out, the output is not also possible.

3. Screw combination is not designed to be reasonable. If the meshing block is too much resistance of the row, it will increase the resistance, but also affect the yield.

4. I do not know what your die head is? Air cooling, water ring, underwater. . . ? Check under the normal heating head, if there is something block the a screen changer.

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