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EVA granulation

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Eva foaming material refers to Eva and low-density polyethylene as raw material, and add other auxiliaries after molded foam or injection molding foam made of foam-like materials. Eva materials are made by copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate, the English name is ethylenevinylacetate, the abbreviation is EVA.

EVA foam materials have excellent chemical properties, are widely used in the manufacture of shoes, bags lining, toys, sporting goods materials, building materials, as well as various types of emerging applications such as electronic accessories and automotive interiors.

Eva foaming Material production process mainly includes granulation, blending and foaming three steps. Eva Granulator will be broken into a small enough EVA resin particles, and then by the EVA foaming materials manufacturers in accordance with a certain proportion with other additives particles blending, different formulations of foam can produce different properties of EVA foam material.

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