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Difference between color masterbatch and filler masterbatch

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         A high proportion of color or color masterbatch and additives made of thermoplastic resin. The resin has good wetting and dispersing effects on the colorant and has good compatibility with the coloring material. Namely: paint + carrier + = additive masterbatch.There are so many kinds of color masterbatch in our country, like color masterbatch, white masterbatch, black masterbatch. How can we discriminate them?

        Before we know about  these color masterbatch, first we should know the different functions of them, where share we use them. Only we know the properties and features of color masterbatch ,then we know how to discriminate them.

        Filler masterbatch features: good plasticizing with evacuation, anti oxygen aging resistance is strong, fill the large amount of features, such as strengthening hardness  by filling product, rigidity, compressive resistance and  transformation because of shrinking, it is suitable for the majority of plastic blown film, injection molding, pipe, sheet, etc., which reduces the production cost.

       Commonly used color masterbatch features: ordinary carbon black PVC resin as the carrier, through high temperature into the practice. Ordinary carbon black has strong adaptability, easily evacuate, practical in general resin, blown film, wire, tubes, plastic, plastic, wire drawing, etc.

        From the above information can be obtained, specific differences between color masterbatch and filler masterbatch, although the use of color masterbatch and filler masterbatch products all have in common plastic plastic products, but their role is different, one is the color is given priority to, one is the filling is given priority to, this is their differences.

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