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Considerations about Extruder

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Considerations about Extruder 

In order to protect the box of the twin-screw extruder gearbox, the following points must be fulfilled:

⒈ 500 hours after the first use, the replacement of lubricating oil once;

⒉ The extruder uses the brand No. 150 original medium pressure gear oil lubrication;

⒊ normal operating oil level not lower than the center line of oil, lower than the centerline, please add speed;

⒋ every 3000 hours after the oil change time;

⒌ oil change should clean the tank and the oil filter, the replacement of the lubricant used after clarification, the above clean lubricating oil into the box again to clean the box once, then release, and then re-load Lubricating oil

⒍ Normal use Regularly clean the lubricant filter on a regular basis and clean the lubricant filter weekly during the running period. Clean up the method, find the oil filter, open it, remove one of the dirt;

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