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Common knowledge of operating engineering plastic extruder

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        In plastic extrusion equipment, the plastic extruder is usually called a mainframe. And its supporting follow-up equipment plastic extrusion machine is called auxiliary. plastic extruder after 100 years of development, has been derived from the original single screw twin-screw, multi screw, and even non screw and other models.What basic knowledge should you know to operate an engineering plastic extruder?


         First, the gearbox, you must know before the operation of the structure and its role

(1) the speed reduction and torque distribution are integrated into one body;

(2) radial bearings for needle roller bearings, bearing deceleration torque distribution systems

(3) the gears are made of high quality alloy material, the precision is made according to the precision of ISO1328-1995 cylindrical gears, all of the gears are hardened by carburizing and hardening. The tooth profile of the gear is trimmed with the special grinding tooth software to ensure the gear strength, uniform load, high strength, low noise and low vibration;


        Two, soft water cooling system, it is necessary to understand the material before you operate

(1) cooling pump power

(2) the soft water pipe is separated from the body, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance;

(3) automatic water control solenoid valve, needle valve control;

(4) 0.55m3 Cooler: 1 units.


        Three, vacuum system, you must understand before the operation of its working principle and role

(1) vacuum pump;

(2) the vacuum water tank is made of stainless steel;

(3) independent external type, easy to clean and maintain


        Four, for the network system, is your operation to understand the structure of the hydraulic block automatic network change: double station; with porous plate two; including the network, hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, etc..

Five, screw, we should understand you before the material and the connection screw (1) into a modular structure; (2) core material: 40CrNiMoA, screw element and core shaft for involute connection; high strength, large bearing load, convenient disassembly and assembly;

(3) the screw element is made of high quality high speed tool steel W6MO5CR4V2;

(4) overall hardness: HRC60-64;

(5) the screw head and the cap are connected to the reverse teeth to ensure the fastening connection.

       Six, the barrel, you must understand the operation of each of the barrels before the role

(1) material: 45# steel is the base, and the inner hole is made of high quality alloy bushing;

The first section of the barrel body is a feed barrel body, the sixth section of the barrel body is a natural exhaust cylinder body, the Ninth Section of the cylinder body is a vacuum cylinder body, and the other cylinder body is a closed cylinder body;

(3) the cylinder adopts soft water cooling;

(4) a high strength bolt connection is adopted between the inner and the outer corner of the cylinder body, and a high strength bolt is arranged between the six cylinders.

(5) heating section: the feeding area is not heated, other high quality cast aluminum heater.

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