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Cause and treatment method of failure phenomenon of plastic granulator

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Cause and treatment method of failure phenomenon of plastic granulator


First, start the main motor, the main motor does not move or instantaneous shutdown

(a) Reason: 1. The main motor power supply is not connected to 2. Heating up time is insufficient or a heater does not work, resulting in excessive torque, so that the motor overload

(ii) Treatment Method 1. Check the main motor power connection 2. Check the temperature of each section to display and find relevant records, confirm preheat heating time 3. Check the heater for damage or wiring


Second, the main motor rotation, but the screw does not rotate

(a) Reason 1. Drive belt loose, skidding 2. Safety key cut 3. Gearbox failure

(ii) Treatment Method 1. Adjust the center distance between the two pulleys, tighten the belt 2. Check the safety key, analyze the reason for cutting off, replace 3. Overhaul Gearbox


Three, the screw has the rotational speed display but cannot squeeze the material

(a) Reason 1. The hopper has no material, the feeding mouth is blocked by foreign bodies or produces "bridging", can not be expected to 2. Screw inside the metal and other hard objects (such as nuts, etc.) to plug the screw groove, can not transport materials 3. The screw is twisted from the root of the feeding section 4. Screw, barrel temperature is too high, screw inside the cold, forming a shaft phenomenon 5. Equipment Wear

(ii) Treatment Method 1. Feed the hopper inside 2. Eliminate the foreign body of hopper mouth or bridge bridging phenomenon 3. If the foreign body is confirmed to enter the extruder, should be shut down to remove the screw, to eliminate the blockage of hard objects 4. Check whether the rotation of the belt pulley, such as normal rotation and the exclusion of "no material" or "hard material blockage", it may be the screw break, should immediately stop , remove screw replacement, repair 5. Check the screw cooling water system, increase the screw cooling water Volume 6. Equipment Maintenance


IV. Contaminants in extruded products

(a) Reason 1. There is dirt in the material 2. Extruder Screw Carbon Excess

(ii) Treatment Method 1. Replacement of materials 2. Cleaning screw, light can be used screw cleaning agent directly extrusion cleaning, the heavy can be removed from the screw, manual cleaning


Five, extruder main motor power supply fluctuation is big

(a) Reason 1. A heater does not work, the torque is unstable 2. The main motor bearing lubrication is not good or damaged, shaking big

(ii) Treatment Method 1. Check the heater for any damage, if any, replacement. Check the wiring of each section of heater is correct or solid 2. Check motor bearings, add lubricating oil or replace bearings


VI. Unstable extrusion materials

(a) Reason 1. Raw material feeding Mouth "bridge" 2. The main motor speed is uneven, there are fluctuations 3. The heating cooling system is not good match or the thermocouple error is too big

(ii) Treatment Method 1. Removal of the hopper under the material mouth of the Bridge 2. Check the main motor and control system 3. Adjust the heating power, check the contact and installation of Thermocouples, thermocouple is damaged, if necessary, replace thermocouple analysis and treatment method of common malfunction of waste plastic granulator

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