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Our company is one of the best professional manufactueres/suppliers for plastic granulator in China , providing many selling hot products,such as masterbatch extruder machine, hot and cold mixer machine, granulating line and others . Provides perfect after-sinales service and guidance ,please rest assured purchase.

Black masterbatch extruder

According to many years of extruder production experience, we offers a good solution for manufacturing black masterbatch extruder. This range of black masterbatch extruder have a simple process and provide a very high shear, the black masterbatch produced by our black masterbatch extruder are high quality and have same and standard shape. According to our well-designed, the high efficient masterbatch extruder can ensure the dispersion of black masterbatch. The masterbatch extruder machine also supplemented by internal mixer, which ensures that the process is clean and tidy. We dedicated to both the development of innovative processes and applications, as well as running trials for the most diverse materials and compounds, provide customers with polytype of masterbatch extruders, such as high effeicent filler masterbatch or color masterbatch extruder machine and black masterbatch extruder machine. You can rest assured to buy our black masterbatch extruder.

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