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We offer whole plant,even turnkey solution to meet different customers’ requirements. 
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Auto Screw Loader Mechanical Plastic Compound Machine

CE standard .High quality Automatic screw loader

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high speed PVC PP PET auto loader

Product Description

DTCseries screw drive feeding is for the plastic processing required ancillary equipment, It may be powdery or granular plastic raw material delivered to the hopper automatically, it is a special equipment to adjust the mixer. Contact material made of stainless steel, Raw materials will not be polluted during the delivery. and do not bring any other thing, It enables the production process to achieve full closure Automation. It is very easy to install, and it can be moved, If multiple spices machines use the same kind of material, just need a feeder can feeding the same time for more than one feeder. It can remove artificial feeding trouble, and Make feeding work has become safer, less time and less effort.

type specification unit DTC-500 DTC-1000 DTC-1500
loader power of motor kw 1.1 1.5 2.2
pushing power of motor kw 0.75 0.75 0.75
convey tube diameter mm 76 102 114
feeding height m 2-6(decided by user) 2-6(decided by user) 2-6(decided by user)
loading capacity kg/h 300 800 1000
volume kg 100 150 180
meterial of box cm 75*80*86 75*90*86 80*95*86
weight of machine kg 100 180 200

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Packaging & Shipping

Wooden case or pallet covered by plastic film

auto loader

auto loader

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Company Information

Nanjing, China, is a global manufacturing and trading company in the field of high-performance plastics and rubber processing equipment , extrusion solutions, masterbatch and compounding, etc. Its unit Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Company is a prefessional manufacturer of twin screw extruder, single screw extruder ,two stage extruder and its related auxiaries. We tailor solutions from raw materials, materials processing equipment, to injection for different customers. Each Kairong solution is designed , manufactured, and commissioned by experienced teams of professionals engineers and aftersales staffs.
Kairong group offers raw materials, Mixing and conveying unit, extrusion technology, recycling unit, profile extrusion etc. We offer whole plant ,even turnkey solution to meet different customers’ requirements.
Kairong Group believes that “ High quality and professional service will bring bright future.

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