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Application of Two screw extruder to industry

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You may not be familiar with the two extruder screw but the outlook is very good. You can learn more about the two extruder screw through the following articles and if you are interested, you can develop in this industry.

In the plastics industry, such screw extruders are used as plastics processing machines due to the possibility of a forced movement of the medium under the influence of pressure, so as to pressurize the plastic material, knead, melt, mix, homogenize or also degas the same and convey the same to the outlet, for which purpose screws with a varying number of flights and/or pitch may be used in dependence on the effects to be achieved.

Extruders comprise two or more cylindrical or conical screws arranged one beside the other in an adapted housing, which screws are counter-rotatingly meshing with each other, so that geometrically sealed chambers are formed, which are moved in axial direction during the screw rotation, and a forced conveyance of the medium filling the chambers is achieved.

 Accordingly, the extruder machine form axial sections of flights differing in number and/or pitch, where up to now the axial sections whose transitions also involve changes in pitch and in the number of flights are completely separated from each other by annular grooves, which are formed by recesses in axially normal planes. These annular grooves should ensure that an unimpeded flow is maintained and the plastic material moving along the roots of the extruder machine is not blocked due to a change in the number of flights affected by an occurring crest. Taking into account the usual manufacturing tolerances, the annular groove also facilitates the proper engagement of the crests and roots in the transition zone of the axial sections. However, the annular grooves of the extruder machine lead to an undesired wear of the housing, as in the vicinity of the annular grooves the housing wall is subjected to wear in contrast to the remaining screw portions, and after a certain operating period protruding annular webs are left at the housing wall, which impede or even exclude above all the use of different types of screw in the existing housing. Moreover, the annular grooves of the extruder machine are often disturbing for manufacturing the flights of adjacent axial sections by means of face milling cutters dimensioned larger than the width of the recess, and enforce the processing of the flight sections opening into the annular grooves by means of special face milling cutters having a smaller diameter.

In the business division Extruder Technology, especially parts and equipment for twin screw extrusion systems are developed and manufactured.

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